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Vietnam Net is another Vietnam news site which has 2 locations (Saigon and Ha Noi) and deliveries news daily/hourly.  As we noticed, it’s a site which had many reporters were captured by Vietnam government.  These reporters were soon later popular in Vietnamese communities around the world especially in US and also well known by Washington D.C.  Soon after couples of reporters were captured last couple years, the new director was replaced.

Vietnam Net’s articles were not so bad; the content, organization, sound and languages of the articles were more far best than other Vietnam sites.  Most people liked VietnamNet’s articles.  Last couple years, VietnamNet is been attacked, changed the website address to VietnamNet.com.vn and created into many sub domains or domains.  Now, the site seems heavy Communist color and expression and less exclusive articles but still has some articles which are better than other Vietnam news websites.

VietnamNet was registered on August 27, 2008 and registered #1285/GP – BTTTT.


  1. Ha Noi: C´Land Building, 156 Xa Đan 2, Phuong Nam Dong, Quan Dong Da, Ha Noi.
  2. Saigon: 51 Truong Dinh Street, P.6, District 3

Website: vietnamnet.vn

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