Vietnamese American
(Entertainment Companies)

Popular US based Vietnamese production/entertainment corporates in the United States are Thuy Nga Paris By Night, Van Son Production, Asia Entertainment & Lang Van

Thuy Nga

Chán quá, chán quá, nói hoài, nói mãi...
Việt Nam vẫn còn là cộng sản, vẫn là "con đường đi lên chủ nghĩa xã hội"
là ở đâu? Disney World? Disney Land? Gator Land? trên chị hằng?

Latest official video clip

Thuy Nga Paris By Night

Asia Entertainment

  • is known as Asia Music Corp., Asia Entertainment Inc, Trung Tam Asia (Vietnamese: Trung tâm Asia).
  • was founded by song writer Anh Bang in 1981.
  • was taken over by Truc Ho from____ to now.
  • produces DVD, CD, movies, music.
  • hosted by many people but mainly by Viet Dzung, Nam Loc before 2014; other hosts: Thuy Duong, Ngoc Dan Thanh,…
  • sources: Trung_t%C3%A2m_Asia,
    Th%E1%BB%83_lo%E1%BA%A1i:Trung_t%C3%A2m_Asia, Anh_B%E1%BA%B1ng

Van Son Production –

  • was founded 1994 by Van Son** whom is a cousin of actor Johnny Tri Nguyen, producer Ch?rlie Nguyen & actor Dustin Nguyen.
  • produces cd, dvd, show about music.
  • is located on 9282 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA, 92683.
  • cd/dvd Van Son shows Episode #01 (1994) – Episode #50 (2014).
  • target audiences: Vietnamese worldwide including in Vietnam.
  • Van Son shows are mainly hosted by Viet Thao before 2014.
  • The latest Van Son Entertainment show was held in Vietnam with the title “Chuy?n Tình Quê Huong Tôi” and was available to the public on April 25, 2014.
  • sources: Trung_t%C3%A2m_V%C3%A2n_S%C6%A1n,
    Charlie_Nguy%E1%BB%85n, Johnny_Tr%C3%AD_Nguy%E1%BB%85n,

Lang Van

  • the corrected name in Vietnamese is Làng Van.
  • operates in the United States and Vietnam.
  • is the only US-based Vietnamese production company can operates US and Vietnam***.
  • produces Duyen Dan Viet Nam, CD & DVD, digital copy,
  • distributes Nguoi Dep Binh Duong, Thuy Anh, Truong Son Duy Khanh, Doremi, New Castle,…
  • has six retail stores in Westminster (Little Saigon/Asian Garden Mall, Phuoc Loc Tho) and San Jose, California, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Washington, D.C., USA; Paris, France;
  • sources: Lang_Van; Trung_t%C3%A2m_L%C3%A0ng_V%C4%83n,

Tinh Production
Hollywood Night
NQ Production


  • The above information is retrieved from Wikipedia English & Vietnamese versions; our purpose is giving our little known information to all whom are interesting to know about Vietnamese related.
  • Th? lo?i:Trung tâm nh?c h?i ngo?i –
  • **  There is a rumor around the internet that Van Son (Duong Thanh Son) is a nephew (his mom’s side) of 8th Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung.  So if the rumor is right, Van Son and his cousins (Charlie Nguyen, Johnny Tri Nguyen and Dustin Nguyen) are nephews of NSUT Nguyen Chanh Tin and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.
  • *** Vietnam today – communist country.
  • How do they get to here?  The founder and executor of Thuy Nga Production left Vietnam on/before the fall of Saigon and settled down in  France because the founder was holding a France citizenship.  The founder of the Asia Entertainment, Anh Bang, left Vietnam when the Saigon fall and settled down in California, US on 1975 and now, the new owner of Asia Entertainment, Truc Ho, escaped Vietnam in 1980’s by foot to Thailand and then settled down in the US.  The founder of Van Son Production was also escaped Vietnam late 1980’s by boat instead and settled down in US in the early 1990’s.  About Lang Van, we don’t know yet.

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