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“Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau” is a Vietnamese news site. It includes Vietnamese oversea and Vietnam news. The news is delivered in video. It’s the same way as television. All news at this site is seem official news from the television network. They use YouTube to delivery news mostly. It also has a learning English channel from VOA Vietnamese.

RFA Vietnamese –

Chán quá, chán quá, nói hoài, nói mãi...
Việt Nam vẫn còn là cộng sản, vẫn là "con đường đi lên chủ nghĩa xã hội"
là ở đâu? Disney World? Disney Land? Gator Land? trên chị hằng?



Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau website information:

This site‘s information:
increases 4777783 in last three months site rank.
increases 3754648 in page views rank
increases 60% in reaching per million.
increases 5% in page views per user.

As of today, August 23, 2014, this site has adding more stuffs. Now it has a large chunk of audio learning English and news articles in Vietnamese. Tin Tuc Viet Toan Cau.com welcomes any comment from users by open comment section; and anyone would like to type the comment in Vietnamese, they can too. So far many different things were added and more cool stuffs are on the way as the administration mentioned. This site seems dropping so fast. According Alexa, it’s global ranked 10,489,651 which was dropped 4,406,954; daily pageviews per visitor and daily time on site were also dropped so bad. The user spent time on the site daily is 0:43 which is dropped 26.00%. For pageviews per visitor, it’s 1.60 pages which dropped 40.00%. In summary, this site is need to improve as soon as possible.

As we checked this site’s rank today, it’s going down in the number but there are more posts were added recently.  The question which is questioned by many people is “How com”.  Usually, adding more articles/posts to a site, the site’s rank and number of traffic must be increased but this site is in the opposite.  When we figure how come, we’ll let everybody know; maybe, we need contact the administration of the site to get an answer. (Updated 2/2/2015 at 3:35 P.M.)

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