Đài SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network, Garden Grove, California, U.S.A.)

SBTN is a Vietnamese American television network which is located in the State of California and has many affiliate sites like SBTN DC, SBTN Houston, SBTN Toronto, SBTN Australia,…

SBTN California in Vietnamese

Chán quá, chán quá, nói hoài, nói mãi...
Việt Nam vẫn còn là cộng sản, vẫn là "con đường đi lên chủ nghĩa xã hội"
là ở đâu? Disney World? Disney Land? Gator Land? trên chị hằng?

Here are some latest news in Vietnamese which you might interest:

VOA * RFA * Nguoi Viet Magazine * SBTN Cali

  1. We’re the Millers voi Victoria To Uyen trong chuong trinh The Victoria To Uyen Show
  2. Xavier Samuel va Myles Pollard – DRIFT voi Victoria To Uyen trong chuong trinh The Victoria To Uyen Show
  3. Xung dot tang cao giua Trung Quoc va Nhat Ban voi Kim Nhung trong chuong trinh The Kim Nhung Show
  4. SBTN Morning tin tuc voi Do Dzung va Mai Phi Long
  5. Phan tich tin tuc thoi su
  6. Tin tuc buoi chieu
  7. Chuong trinh Doc Bao Vem voi Phat bieu ngo ngan cua thu truong CSVN Nguyen Thanh Son
  8. Ho Powell va bo toc da do Navajo / Lake Powell and Navajo Indian tribe trong chuong trinh Inforcus
  9. Dang The Luan chia se ve tin vui moi nhat voi Thuy Duong trong chuong trinh Life & Style

How about SBTN house on the internet?  At first we known that SBTN’s internet address was SBTN.net; and we believe it’s changed to SBTN.tv now.  SBTN.net’s information on Alexa: it’s ranked 781020 up 1241325 and Japan visitors are the most SBTN.net’s visitors come from.  The daily time and page views which visitors access are 5 second and 1 page per visitor.  Other sites are owned by SBTN.net is dien thoaidoisong.com, phanthienan.com and tango.net.  There are 212 sites are linking to SBTN.net. (Retrieved on August 21, 2014 and Alexa source)

more stuffs about SBTN coming soon.

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