Pho Bolsa TV is a YouTube channel TV hosted by a Vietnamese guy who aired about his interview with other Vietnamese people who are well known by other Vietnamese.  He also traveled back Vietnam and interviewed Vietnamese official people which is no no no welcome to Vietnamese community in the United States and Australia.

PhoBolsaTV in Vietnamese

Anyway, let see how it is ranked around the world in the internet.

  • Pho Bolsa TV is ranked 753,864 up to 113,938 according to
  • It’s most country visitors is Vietnam (67.9%) which Pho Bolsa TV is ranked 7851.
  • There are 71 sites are linking to PhoBolsa TV and the top list is PhoBolsa TV YouTube channel, UC52g_5p69_Z1umoNSFviUNg.
  • Next are (, (, ( and (
  • Alxa is also showing PhoBolsa TV’s daily pageviews per visitor is 1.9 up 20% and 50.7 up 2% bounce rate; and the time stay on the site daily is 2.4 up 17%. (Retrieved on August 21, 2014)

Pho Bolsa TV’s Latest topics: these are some of them we retrieved.

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  1. Nói chuyện với trạm trưởng trạm hải đăng trên đảo Sơn Ca, quần đảo Trường Sa
  2. Noi chuyen voi tram truong tram hai dang tren dao Son Ca thuoc quan dao Truong Sa
  3. Gap lai thieu uy hai quan Le Hong Quan tren dao Son Ca
  4. Tau ca nuoc ngoai vao khu vuc dao, se giai quyet ra sao?
  5. Nhung ghi nhan tu dao Son Ca thuoc quan dao Truong Sa, Viet Nam
  6. Thay tru tri Thich Minh Man va le phat dan nam 2557 tai chua Hue Quang, California
  7. Ngay ram mung mot nen co gang di chua va thap huong voi Ca si Luu Viet Hung.
  8. Doan nhan Viet Kieu uC va thuong ta chinh tri vien tren dao Song Tu Tay
  9. Hoa si Ho Thanh Duc va nhung sang tac moi ve cai dep cua xu Viet va xu My
  10. Pasadena Chalk Festival 2013
  11. Nha hoat dong, bac si Mai Phuong, noi ve buoi gap go voi dai su David Shear
  12. Y kien dai su David Shear ve van de trung bay co vang ba soc do
  13. Van nghe giao luu tren tau hai quan HQ-571 tham quan dao Truong Sa

For more information about them, just go see their videos, you’ll understand what we said.

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