Highest paid women in US, 2013 (Ba co luong cao nhat)

10 women have the highest paid in the United States in 2013, who are they?

Here is the list: (not in order)

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  1. Safra A. Catz (President and CFO of Oracle, $43+ millions)
  2. Marissa A. Mayer (President and CEO of Yahoo, $36+ millions)
  3. Sheryl K. Sandberg (COO of Facebook, $26+ millions)
  4. Wellington J. Denahan (Chairman and CEO of Annaly Capital Management, Inc., $25+ millions)
  5. Sharen J. Turney (President and CEO, Victoria’s Secret of L Brands, Inc., $25+ millions)
  6. Elizabeth A. Smith (Chairman and CEO of Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., $24+ millions)
  7. Irene B. Rosenfeld (Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International, Inc, $22+ millions)
  8. Carol Meyrowitz (CEO of TJX Companies, Inc., $19+ millions)
  9. Jane Elfers (President and CEO of Children’s Place Retail Stores, Inc., $17 millions)
  10. Margaret C. Whitman (President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co., $15+ millions)


*** CEO – Chief Executive Officer; CFO – Chief Financial Officer; COO – Chief Operating Officer

Source: CNN Money

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