VOA Learning English:  Economic Report
Alibaba IPO (VOA) – youtube.com/embed/Y_FBwbjnJWw

The video is about Alibaba which is a popular trading website on the world. It processes above 80% of China trading.  Now Alibaba offers stocks to investor in the USA.  According the news, the offering stock shares to the public today is about 12% of Alibaba valuable. Alibaba also has 230 million active buyers.  Here are some more information about Alibaba.

  • Valuable of the company – $200 million.
  • Stock offering in September 2014.
  • Company is founded 15 years ago.
  • It’s a Chinese companies.
  • Location – based in Huangzhou, China.

Learning phrases, vocabularies,…. from this video:


  1. sale of stock
  2. online market
  3. value of the company
  4. 12 percent share
  5. most valuable
  6. most online sale
  7. active buyer
    Alibaba has 230 million active buyers – Alibaba có 230 triệu người mua thực sự
  8. has grown
  9. hold about
  10. is profitable
  11. has chosen
  12. second largest market

Alibaba is owned by Jack Ma who was unable to attend at the popular university on the world, Havard University. Before he started Alibaba, he was an English teacher in China.

  • investor – người đầu tư, nhà đầu tư
  • sell goods – bán sản phẩm, bán hàng
  • by linking sellers and buyers – bằng cách nối người bán và người mua
  • it’s initial public offering
  • dealt – giao dịch
  • exchange – trao đổi, giao dịch
  • main online seller – người bán chính trên mạng
  • in the public stock sale
  • in the huge
  • IPO
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • has been estimated – ước tính
  • raise more than – nâng cao hơn
  • technology companies – công ty công nghệ thông tin
  • very small company – công ty rất là nhỏ

Alibaba’s website:  alibaba.com

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