Hoc nau an tu nhieu nguoi khac nhau

Food Net Bay.com
What is Foodnetbay.com about? It’s about cooking information such as video cooking from people around the world. Some of people whom we recognize are Uyen Thy, Cathy Ha, Xuan Hong, Yan, various chefs in Vietnam, restaurant chefs,…

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This domain was created on September 23, 2011 and last time updating is on September 23, 2012. It’ll expire on September 22, 2013. Even though, this site is new but rapidly increase recent.  (Written on August 05, 2013)


Today, this site is increased 11 millions so it now is ranked 8.5th millions on the global and the average number pages are viewed by each user is 2 which is increased 20%; the total number of sites linking to Foodnetbay.com is 13.  Do you know what else we found out about Foodnetbay.com? The topics are read the most on Foodnetbay.com are “hong kong crispy roasted pork belly” of Maria Wong (20+%); “uyen thy cooking” (2%), “uyen thy cooking banh canh cua” (20%), and “suon non kho uyen thy” (20%+) of “Uyen Thy’s cooking”; and “xuan hong banh chuoi nuong” of “Vao Bep voi Xuan Hong” (upto 20%); and so on.  What is another best about Foodnetbay.com? It is rated as a web safety and is hosted from US server; however, its SEO score is rated less than 20%.  (Written on November 05, 2013)

Some how this site has less posts than last time we stop by; it’s around 100 posts.  We remember that there were about 500 – 1000 posts last time visiting.  Also their rank is going down too low; it’s in rank of 10 – 20 million.  Something happened there. (Updated by 2/2/2015)


Next time, we’ll discuss about its visitors’ demographics like browsing location, ethnicity,…

Xin lưu ý: Toàn bộ bài viết trên trang TinTucExpress.com do Tin Tức Express quản lý và bản quyền đều thuộc về người viết/tác giả. Xin đừng tái sử dụng (cắt, copy...) dưới bất cứ mọi hình thức kể cả đăng trên hay chạy týp hoặc thâu dạng audio/snapshot trên YouTube, Facebọok... Các báo chí, đài, YouTuber không được lấy hay in ấn lại các bài viết trên TinTucExpress.

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