Here is another new cooking site, so far, we see couple posts about how to make Vietnamese cakes.  They have brief description what is the video about; however, these videos are in Vietnamese;

we wish these videos have another version likes English version.  If they are available, it must be cool, am I right?  But anyway, we can see the pictures and can guess some of them.

How to make a little Vietnamese pizza / banh khot –
Once again, CookingBank  is updated too; the layout is changed and is not fancy as the previous one but loads faster, there more topics are added,… The videos are condensed into a package like cake, soup,… and are placed on separated pages. Overall, it looks more impressive and faster. However, the traffic to this site is too slow; according to Alexa, it’s ranked none, so the owner of this site should adding more stuffs and starting getting more readers so the site will generate more money. I’ll be back soon I get more information. Good luck to the owner of Cooking and all of you.
It’s a great site; you will know a little bit about history of each type of Vietnamese cake, for example, when/where Vietnamese new year cake came from.

Updated 10/28/2015

There are many updated stuffs on this site too; it’s seem completely changing.  Now, it is cooking videos from people around the world only.

They stopped posting more videos for a while.

Go there and you will see what we mean…

Xin lưu ý: Toàn bộ bài viết trên trang do Tin Tức Express quản lý và bản quyền đều thuộc về người viết/tác giả. Xin đừng tái sử dụng (cắt, copy...) dưới bất cứ mọi hình thức kể cả đăng trên hay chạy týp hoặc thâu dạng audio/snapshot trên YouTube, Facebọok... Các báo chí, đài, YouTuber không được lấy hay in ấn lại các bài viết trên TinTucExpress.

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