Nguoi Viet is a Vietnamese magazine which the headquarter is located in California where many Vietnamese settled down after Saigon falling 1975.

We believe it’s largest Vietnamese magazine in the United States.

As of July 8, 2014, Nguoi Viet magazine website has the following sections: news, word cup 2014, entertainment, lifestyle, travels, sports, youth, forum, blog, general law, arts, library, shop, tv, classifieds, business directory, English version, sympathy, congratulation, thank you,…  Now, Nguoi Viet magazine has franchise/agent/… at Minnesota, Las Vegas, Utah, northeast.

Chán quá, chán quá, nói hoài, nói mãi...
Việt Nam vẫn còn là cộng sản, vẫn là "con đường đi lên chủ nghĩa xã hội"
là ở đâu? Disney World? Disney Land? Gator Land? trên chị hằng?

Nguoi Viet Magazine in California

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  1. Headquarter: 14771-14772 Moran Street Westminster, CA 92683-USA and the telephone # is 714-892-9414; email:
  2. Las Vegas: 3899 Renate Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89102 and the telephone # is 702-989-9099; email:
  3. Minnesota: 417 University Ave. W, Suite 101, St. Paul – MN 55103 and the telephone # is 651-224-0242; email:
  4. Utah: 3969 South Redwood Rd., #10, West Valley City – UT 84119 and the telephone # is 801-973-4163; email:
  5. Northeast: P.O. Box 5071, Springfield, PA 19064 and the telephone # is 267-992-2205; email:
  6. Los Angeles County: 306 E. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776; 626-898-4538 (phone)

According to Alexa, is ranked as 63,137 in global rank and was increased up 1,424.  In the United States, it’s ranked as 39,533 (34.2%).  US is the popular country which’s visitors come from.  The other popular countries are Japan (31.4%), Vietnam (15.5%), Australia (12.9%) and another interesting things about are: most of it’s visitors are male and in graduate school and have at least college degrees; these are ranked above average by Alexa.  There are 1002 sites are linking to; YouTube’s NguoiVietOnline channel is on the first of the list, next of the list is (’s_Republic_of_China), then (, ( and cnn (  Also, it is slow compare to others.  (Retrieved August 21, 2014.)

If you are interesting to find out how looked like since it appeared in the internet, then here is where to go:*/ which shows how it looked like before it was taken major changes.

more coming soon!

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