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Popular American movies:
The following list is retrieved on February 03, 2014.

“Weekend Box Office”: Ride Along (Universal Pictures), Frozen (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures), The Nut Job (Open Road Films), Lone Survivor (Universal Pictures), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Paramount Pictures), Labor Day (Paramount Pictures), American Hustle (Sony Pictures Releasing), The Wolf of Wall Street (Paramount Pictures), I Frankenstein (Lionsgate), Gravity (Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution), Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features), 12 Years a Slave (Fox Searchlight Pictures), The Hobbit: The Desolation of… (Warner Bros.), Her (Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution), Nebraska (Paramount Pictures), Saving Mr. Banks (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures), The Hunger Games: Catching… (Lionsgate), Devil’s Due (20th Century Fox)

Top 10 earning American movies:  
This list is retrieved on October 12, 2013.

These records are arranged in the order of name of the movie, production company, this week’s gross, total gross, week # in the theater

  1. ~~~Gravity:
    Warner Bros.
    Pictures Distribution,
    $55,550,000 ($55.5M), 1
  2. ~~~Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2:
    Sony Pictures,
    $21,500,000$60.6M, 2
  3. ~~~Runner Runner:
    20th Century Fox Distribution,
  4. ~~~Prisoners:
    Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution,
    $5,700,000$47.9M, 3
  5. ~~Rush:
    Universal, $4,408,280$18.1M, 3
  6. ~~~Don Jon:
    Relativity Media Distribution Group,
    $4,160,000$16.1M, 2
  7. ~~~Baggage Claim:
    Fox Searchlight Pictures,
    $4,125,000$15.2M, 2
  8. ~~~Insidious: Chapter 2:
    $3,876,000$74.7M, 4
  9. ~~~Pulling Strings:
    Pantelion Films,
    $2,500,000$2.5M, 1
  10. ~~~Enough Said:
    Fox Searchlight Pictures,
    $2,150,000$5.4M, 3

(Yahoo/Movie/Box Office, October 12, 2013)

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